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Palitana Shatrunjay Tour Guide

4.6 ( 5856 ratings )
Путешествия Навигация
Разработчик Action Data Systems LLC
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This audio-visual app is in Gujarati.

This app guides you as you climb to the summit of Shatrunjay or as you do a virtual trip (bhav yatra) from your own home. It acts as a personal pocket audio guide during the climb with fascinating stories of the shrines on the path and the main temple complex on the summit. The audio is professionally narrated by an engaging guide, accompanied by beautiful songs and hymns.

The app has 9 detailed maps to guide you. It covers 50 major and 50 minor points of interest to makes sure that you see every significant point, temple and shrine. Youll hear the stories of historical and mythical figures of ages past. It also shows you Jain rituals, hymns, and traditions.

Its perfect for all ages and works without wifi/data once downloaded. The climb is 3.5 km/ 2.2 miles from the base in Palitana town and takes approximately 2 hours.